Charlotte Jørgensen
Dancer Profile
Birth Date 1971
Hometown Denmark

Partner(s) 1: John O'Hurley (2nd)

Charlotte Jørgensen was a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars.


Charlotte began dancing at the early age of 2 years old, in 1973. She took ballet classes at age 10 in 1981, and her future was set — she wanted to be a dancer.

By the age of 22, in 1993, Jørgensen was already the World Amateur Champion. She became professional in 1994 with partner Jens Werner, Denmark and recently retired from the dance circuit. She partnered such dancers as Andrew Sinkinson, with whom she placed second in the British, UK, European, and World Championships. Since her retirement, she has become a ballroom trainer, and travels worldwide for coaching. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Dancing with the StarsEdit

Jørgensen participated in the first season (Summer 2005) of the American television series Dancing with the Stars, partnering with actor John O'Hurley. They were the runners up, but subsequently won a "rematch" sponsored by ABC. Jørgensen and O'Hurley released the Bayview Films ballroom instructional video Learn to Dance with John and Charlotte on July 31, 2007.

Dancing with the Stars 1Edit

Charlotte was partnered with John O'Hurley. Placed 2nd.



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